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Q: How do I maintain my cabinets and clean them properly?
A: All AyA cabinets require cleaning on a regular basis.

* Do not use ammonia or ammonia based cleaner
* Do not use harsh abrasives such as steel wool, scouring pads or detergents
* Cleaning agents should be applied to a cloth, not directly sprayed or applied to cabinetry
* Any cleaning agent used should be removed immediately followed by a light rinse a damp water absorbed cloth and then dried with a lint free cloth




Q: How do you adjust the doors and drawers?
A: Adjusting the height, depth and door front is quite simple and only requires a screwdriver.




Q: Does AyA reface old cabinet doors?
A: No, as AyA is a semi custom cabinetry company, AyA provides company specific products in colours and sizes. As we are not able to colour match to other company products, and due to the sizing of existing boxes, this is not a service we can provide.


Q: Why do you recommend using an MDF door versus a wood door when going with a painted finish?
A: Painted finishes are solid, opaque colour applications on both wood and/or MDF that do not reveal any grain characteristics. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of solid wood doors, a painted finish may emphasize the joinery whereas an MDF door will remain consistent in overall appearance.




Q: What is the warranty on your cabinets and installation?
A: AyA offers our customers a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty on drawer glides and hinges is for the life-time of the kitchen, some conditions may apply. AyA also provides a 5 year warranty on the cabinet construction, and 2 years on the cabinet doors, finishes and surface hardware (knobs & handles).




Q: What is a “custom kitchen”?
A: A custom kitchen is a kitchen produced one at a time, exact to a customer’s specifications such as specific cabinet sizes & details


Q: What does “mass customization” mean to AyA?
A: Mass customization is a mass produced modular system but with a wide range of options to choose from. AyA’s broad catalogue offers a high level of customization based on a wide range of cabinet sizes, door styles, finishes/colours, materials, ornamentation & accessories. In addition, AyA’s mass customization approach to manufacturing allows for a variety of customized details such as colour co-ordinating the cabinet edge to the door finish (vs. just white edge tape).


Q: In comparison, what is the meaning of “mass production”?
A: Mass production is a modular system with limited options, such as a company that you buy product from as is off the shelf/ in stock.


Q: How long does it take to manufacture your cabinets?
A: The selected door style and finish directly influences the lead time on an order. Your designer will be able to provide an accurate estimate based on your personal selection, however our lead time is approximately 6-9 weeks.


Q: Does AyA sell knobs, pulls, faucets and sinks (even when I don’t buy a kitchen from you)?
A: AyA will include hardware with the purchase of cabinetry, however we do not sell these items individually.

Q: Do all your locations have a showroom? And how many displays do they have?
A: Most AyA locations have a showroom, however it is recommended to call the location you are interested in to be sure. Each showroom varies in size, number of displays, and products shown. For a full listing of our locations, please visit our locations page.


Q: Are prices the same at all locations?
A: All of our locations offer consistent retail pricing, however since our locations are independently owned and operated, any instore promotions are at the independent location’s discretion.






Q: How does the retail process work?
A: All of our retail showrooms are open to the public. It is recommended that an appointment is scheduled to guarantee that a designer is available to meet with you.It is also recommended that the initial consultation takes place in one of our showrooms, so that the designer is able to discuss your needs, wants and ideas for the space, and provide display and sample options to show you. Rough measurements of the existing space and any images of preferred styles or colours is also helpful during these first meetings. Once a design and rough layout have been determined, the designer will then take final measurements of the space and finalize the design assisting with selecting a door style and finish from our selection displayed in our showrooms. Once confirmed, the order gets submitted for production. Once completed, it will be delivered and installed by AyA installers. AyA installers do not remove the existing cabinetry and it is recommended to work with a contractor if you are changing the dimensions of the room. Your designer will be able to recommend any additional services that may be needed during your renovation.


Q: Do we need to make an appointment or can we just walk in and get to see a designer?
A: All of our retail showrooms are open to the public, however it is recommended to make an appointment to guarantee that a designer is available to meet with you.


Q: How do I make an appointment to speak with a designer?
A: Please call the location you are interested in working with and they will be able to assist you in scheduling an appointment with a designer.


Q: Are there any fees for designer consultations?
A: No, there are not any consultation fees to meet with an AyA designer.


Q: Will a designer come out to my home and take a look at my kitchen before we consult?
A: It is recommended that the initial meeting takes place in one of AyA’s showrooms as the designer will be able to better explain our products and options for your kitchen by showing examples throughout our displays. Exceptions may apply, please call the location you are interested in working with to schedule what best works for you.

Q: What is the average production time for any AyA product ordered?
A: Average production time depends on the door style, material and finish selected. Your designer will be able to provide an accurate estimated lead time based on your cabinetry selection. An approximate lead time is 6-9 weeks.


Q: Can I order a custom kitchen from you or do you have fixed sizes?

A: AyA is a semi custom manufacturing company. We do offer fixed sizes however our extensive collection of door styles and finishes allows AyA a wide range of offerings. A designer will be able to assist you with layout options and work with you to create your space to have a custom feel.


Q: Will AyA completely renovate my kitchen? Including tear ups, flooring, lights, plumbing?

A: AyA does not provide demolition services. AyA will only install the cabinetry and any LED lighting included in the cabinetry. (what about countertops?) It is recommended to work with a contractor if you are changing the dimensions of the space. Your designer will be able to recommend any additional services that may be needed during your renovation.






Q: Can we have our own contractor install the cabinets?
A: Yes, you are free to use your own contractor to install the cabinetry however the warranty will only apply when installation has been provided by an AyA installer.


Q: Does AyA provide complete services for kitchen and bath renovations?
A: AyA designers will assist from the initial designing stages straight through to the installation.


Q: How long does the install process take?
A: Your designer will recommended the best time to begin removing existing cabinetry based on the scheduled installed date. Depending on the countertop material selected, a template may need to be taken. Cabinets require anywhere from one to several days for installation depending on the size and complexity of your design. Once installed, a template is taken for the counter-tops if required. A temporary countertop can be used so that you are able to use the space in the meantime.


Q: Is installation part of the total kitchen price?
A: Unless otherwise specified, installation and delivery will be included in the kitchen price.