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The quality of our product come from design. Good design is not only the look, feel and style of the final product but also the design of the processes which enable it.


Our commitment to quality made us one of the first in our industry to become third party certified by the Woodmark Quality System - the first quality management specifically designed for the wood products manufacturing industry. This certification reviews all materials and standard operating procedures and is audited yearly to ensure quality standards are being met.


As a valued client at AyA Kitchens, you can trust our knowledgeable team of experts to consistently anticipate your needs & follow through with
attention to detail to fulfill your dreams.


Quality of a finished product starts with the quality of materials used. AyA considers its partnerships with its suppliers a key to its long term success. Only high quality materials are specified by AyA and these strict material specifications must be adhered to by all AyA suppliers. Once received by AyA all materials are audited to ensure that every AyA cabinet meets our rigorous standards.


AyA has developed its own, proprietary manufacturing software to maximize control over all parts of the manufacturing process. AyA's ability to track and analyze manufacturing defects is just one of the ways that this enables a culture truly dedicated to continuous improvement and a consistently high quality final product.

Work-in-process quality is checked at strategic points throughout the manufacturing cycle rather than merely a final check of a ready-to-go product. When non-conformance is discovered earlier in the cycle, reworks can be integrated into the manufacturing cycle without causing delays or incomplete shipments.


There can be no quality without completeness and on-time delivery. With this mantra in mind, AyA strives to ship complete kitchens each and every time, on time. In an industry plagued by backorders and shipping delays, this is an audacious undertaking, so how do we do? Since 2008, AyA has been consistently at or under our target of 0.5% backorders per cabinets shipped with some weeks averaging less that 0.05% with on-time deliveries.




The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Certification Program assures the specifier or user of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities that the cabinet bearing the blue and white seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and sponsored by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).


The KCMA Certification Program is open to all cabinet manufacturers. Manufacturers may certify one, several, or all of their cabinet lines. Because of this option, only those lines certified are listed in the annual KCMA Directory of Certified Cabinet Manufacturers.


Learn more at: www.kcma.org